January 10, 2020

You can get lost

Translators are moving into a whole new world and going to locations full of mystery and wonders. They plunge into the worlds of languages and cultures, going to areas overflowing with words and letters. They immerse themselves in the fields of education to learn language rules and structures. they fly to explore the origins of verbs in morphology and the syntactic systems of sentences.

Like a musician who makes his own music and composes his own melodies, the translators make their own music of phrases and compose their own melodies of harmonic documents. Like a chef who uses sugar to sweeten his sauce, the translators apply their variety of vocabulary things to enhance the texts.

Like a painter who uses colors to brighten up his art, translators apply their understanding of linguistics and pragmatics to enrich and improve their beautiful bits of interpreted texts.

Like an artist who applies diamonds to the finishing touches to sparkle the garment, translators apply their personal knowledge of the language to the text.

Translation is a language of its own; an environment in which you can get lost.