Professional Website Translation

You must have recognized the need to go global and offer your products across the borders, say, in Canada, USA, Britain, China, Russia, as well as the GCC countries. So you felt the need to translate your website into other languages. At this stage, you face the challenge of finding someone you can trust to translate your website to all required languages at an affordable price.

The Professional can simply help you do that:

  • We translate your website to other languages your require.
  • We publish the website for you.
  • We keep an eye on your website for any change. Once you make a change we update the translation for you.
  • We keep any earlier translation in memory, and re-use it whenever it comes again, so you do not have to check again for accuracy or pay for new translation.


We Call it Localization

Professional website translation is commonly referred to as website localization. Extra focus is placed on cultural sensitivity of the target language. Native speakers of the target language must check and confirm accuracy and appropriateness of the language used to ensure that your audience receives the targeted message.

What we Need
From a technical point of view, to provide a professional website translation:

  • We need to know the platform of the website. WordPress and Drupal are common ones.
  • We need to receive the original source coded HTML files from the client.
  • We localize images that contain text. The client will give us access to the original ones.
  • We deliver mirror HTML files exactly as the source files. The Side and Top navigational bars are translated.
  • If you need us to publish your website, all the display issues like fonts, layout, and design, related to the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) need to be provided by your web developer, in addition to access to your database and your server.

How we Do it
We follow four major steps:

  • We do a word count and send you a quotation. Once approved we extract the contents and translate them. Once translated we pass them for review by independent translators and proofread them.
  • We share translation with client for confirmation
  • We upload the translation to the website and keep an eye for any change.