Professional Transcription

The Professional offers professional transcription services, combining industry-leading turnaround times with unsurpassed accuracy to deliver final transcription files in any format of your choice. We have experience in transcribing various types of media, including:

  • Audio clips (tape recordings)
  • Video clips (educational and otherwise)
  • Verbal dictations (medical, legal, business)


The Professional ensures to communicate your video messages with clarity in major world languages. The process involves:

  • Careful listening, and understanding
  • Transcription within length requirements to maximize readability for the viewer

The Professional is skilled at making the final subtitles perfectly capture the message and coincide with the on-screen show. Our solutions can be customized to your requirements for commercials, Internet broadcasts, and videos.

The Professional provides the subtitling services to most major languages. Subtitles will perfectly match the scenes. Sync will be done automatically using a software. The Professional pays special attention to grammar and spelling. Subtitles file will be delivered in .sort format, or as required by the Client.