Interpretation Services

Interpretation service is the verbal translation of your message to another language. We can translate your verbal message to the other person AFTER you finish your talk; we call it “Consecutive Interpretation”.

We can also translate your message at the same time you say it; we call it “Simultaneous Interpretation”.

Interpretation service opens the doors of opportunity for you to talk with foreign prospects and discuss business opportunities at this global village. You can now go in confidence to trade shows and discuss potential opportunities with foreign suppliers or clients.


The Professional helps you with consecutive interpretation services between English and Arabic. Consecutive interpretation can be for two persons or for small group discussions.

Our consecutive interpreters maintain high standards of professionalism and strict confidentiality. Do not hesitate to discuss any business issue with a potential supplier or client.

The Professional can help you communicate the exact message in different languages.


The Professional offers simultaneous interpretation services between English and Arabic.

You need simultaneous interpretation generally for translation of large conferences or meetings into other languages. Simultaneous interpretation is a very strenuous and focused process.

Usually, interpreters sit in an isolated booth, listen to the speaker through a headset, and transmit their translation directly to the ears of the audience.

Interpretation Code Of Ethics

At The Professional we abide by professional interpretation standards. Our interpreters comply with a strict code of ethics. Below is a summary of our interpretation code of ethics:


Faithfulness: Interpreters conduct interpretation faithfully to the best of their ability without any omission or addition.

Confidentiality: Interpreters undertake to keep strict confidentiality of any information gained in the course of their job. This information may not be communicated in any form to any party other than the owner of the information.

Impartiality: Interpreters observe neutrality in interpreting work and shall not permit personal opinions to influence the performance of their work.

Punctuality: Interpreters shall be punctual for every appointment.

Conflict of Interest: Interpreters shall not allow personal interests to influence the performance of their duties. They may not accept any present, gift or other consideration, benefit or offer of such a character that it may have the effect of influencing or benefitting them.

Cultural Conflict: Interpreters shall, in an appropriate way, bring to the attention of the client any issues pertaining to a cultural conflict that may arise during the course of interpretation.