Creative Translation

May 22, 2020

Creative Translation

Creative translation might be the highest of quality among all translation methods, where distinguished translators do not only transform texts from a language to another but also they transform them to the peoples of that language. Creative translation is defined as the process of adapting a text to a different culture or language without the word by word translation style, with the translator keeping the heart of the source text, excluding some contexts and replacing others with words that touch the culture of the other language to make the text more influential. In some cases, translators may need to rewrite the whole source text.

When is creative translation needed?

– When translating business’ advertising slogans from one language to another, they often lose their creative content and distinctive linguistic reach if translated literally. Here, for instance, the creative translation must be applied.

– When translating songs and rhythmical kinds of literary works that appeal to ears, smart translators resort to using creative translation so that the source text does not lose its aesthetic value.

– It is laughable to admit that some translators sometimes resort to creative translation when they drop the full understanding of the exact meaning of the original text.

– When companies seek to address the minds and the hearts of their target audiences, they talk to them in a language that their market appreciates because what works in a culture does not necessarily work in other cultures.

When we say that the profit or loss of companies depends to a great extent on creative translation, we are not exaggerating here at all. You still believe it was metaphorically written, right?

Logically speaking, translation is closely and directly related to the marketing process of companies and has proven its impact regarding that field. When Pepsi launched its slogan “Come alive with Pepsi,” it has been a great success in North America. However, it was a complete failure in China due to the literal translation of the slogan that meant in Chinese “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead,” which have faced a great wave of mockery. Companies are now spending massive amounts to ensure creative translation, though.

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